Our standard: inclusivity

Statistics show that inclusivity is an issue in the delivery of sports for people with a disability. At Sportsability, we think outside of the box. We believe that disability should not limit a person’s access to sports activity, which is why we work side- by-side with support and awareness organisations, SEN schools, and daycare facilities to ensure sports is accessible to all.

Sportsability has a wealth of experience in the delivery of sports activities, classes, and events to people with disabilities, and we are proud to offer inclusive solutions each and every time.

Participation, interaction, and achievement for all is what our excellent service provides. Our staff have received Autism Awareness Training and are, as a minimum, qualified to a Level 2 standard. With Sportsability, everyone is in safe hands.

Take part

We believe that people with disabilities should be treated fairly and equally, which is why we use a ‘one-for-all’ approach to sports delivery. From minor to severe disabilities, each one of our students is considered with respect and integrity. Below, you will see icons of just some of the sports we are currently delivering, and are set to deliver!